Homezone parking

Inside our Homezone you can park for free and end your trip on street almost everywhere where you can park for 24hrs.

Good to know that there are differences between parking in Stockholm, Solna and Sundbyberg area. Read below where it is OK to park in each area and do not hesitate to contact us if something is still unclear. Please make sure to check that you can park for at least 24 hrs so you don’t get a parking fine!


You can also park at a Hotspot. Hotspots are dedicated parking spots for aimo, often located in a garage. Here you can leave your car if there are spots available. In the app you can see how many spots there are available.


In Stockholm you can park where there is a blue parking sign with taxa 2,3,4 or 5.



In Solna you can park where it is marked with a blue parking sign and a sign with the text ”Boende Solna”.



In Sundbyberg you can park where there is a blue parking sign and Zon B, C, or E.


Don´t park here

Keep an eye out so that you are not on a cargo area or on a parking for disabled and please remember the 10 meter rule (cross roads and pedestrian crossing).

Also, remember that you cannot park for free or end your trip on private parking or visitor parking.

Be aware of service (cleaning) street signs or other signs with limited parking. Service street signs mention first the day when it is cleaning (ex. onsdag is Wednesday) and then the hours when it is not allowed to park. Keep in mind that you are responsible 24 hours after the rental is completed.

They can look like this:



Examples of places where you can’t park your aimo: